Rules & Punishments
Hacked Clients
Hacked clients are not allowed on our server, with no excuses!
If you admit to using a hacked client before being banned and at the first oppitunity, you will only be banned for 10 days.
Punishment: 10-40 days ban

Illegal Modifications
Illegal modifications are modifications that give players specific bonuses which others wouldn't have, putting them at an unfair disadvantage. These could include golden apple hit, radar map with entities and auto-clicker. For a full list of our illegal modifications that are allowed, please check
Punishment: 1-20 days ban

Scamming Real Money
Scamming real money isn't allowed and will be taken very seriously. Any real courcey (PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency to name a few) will be treated scamming, even if the money wasn't used.
If you buy an unban, you will be required to complete the trade, or return the money (with evidence.) . If you don't complete the trade within 24 hours, you'll be permanently banned again.
Punishment: Permanent ban.

Swearing / Spamming etc.
Swearing & any obscene language isn't permitted on our server. Censored words which could be identified by someone will be dealt with in the same manner.
Punishment: Verbal warning > 5-60 minutes mute.

Discrimination against anyone for any reason isn't allowed. This could be from race to sexual orientation, but could include many more. This includes all communication methods (PM. Chat, Team Chats etc)
Punishment: Verbal warning > 5-60 minutes mute.

Suicidal Encouragement
Our server provides a safe environment for everyone. We do this to prevent people from carrying out this act in the real world. Abbreviations (KYS etc) will be trated in the same way.
Punishment: Verbal warning > 1-12 hours mute.

Refusing to screenshare / Logging out when asked for screenshare
Staff can ask you to take part in a screenshare for any reason. You will be requested to use discord and dependant on the staff member, you may have to download an additional programme. Refusing, logging out or continually inturpting a screenshare without reason, will lead to the ban.
Punishment: 10-20 days ban.

D-D-o-S Threats
Our server is looking to keep a safe and clear environment. Upon threatening a player or a staff member of a d-d-o-s or any internet related threat you are expected to face punishment.
Punishment: Verbal warning > 1-5 days mute.

Our server is looking to keep a safe and clear environment. Upon advertising a different server you are expected to face punishment. (Mentioning names is allowed).
Punishment: Permanent mute.

Our server is looking to keep a safe and clear environment. Upon abusing glitches you are expected to face punishment. Door glitching and natural MineCraft glitches will be punished.
Punishment: 1-3 days ban.

Cross teaming (BedWars/SkyWars/KitPvP)
Our server is looking to keep a fair and clear environment. Upon cross teaming, you are expected to face punishment. On KitPVP, this equals to above 3 players. On SkyWars, this means teaming with any player. On BedWars, this means helping another team.
Punishment: Verbal warning > 1-2 days ban.

Faction Base Glitching
In the interest of keeping our faction members safe from having their bases glitched into, using any unauthorised glitch (including entry being gained through glitches naturally put into MineCraft), it will result in you being banned to prevent an unfair disadvantage.
Punishment: 1-14 days ban

  • Evading mute will result in a ban for the mute duration.
  • Bans that are not allowed to be evaded, could result in an IP-ban to prevent evasion.
  • Leaking personal information of players is against the rules.
  • Abusing ALTS to gain any unfair advantage is against the rules.
  • Any rules which are loopholes to any rules listed could result in punishment.
If you wish to appeal a punishment, please click below:
Modification List
The following list of approved and disapproved modifications are heavily enforced by our staff team.

Allowed Modifications
Optifine is a client that has the main purpose of improving FPS (Frames Per Second) client side. Although Optifine has some flaws, the main objective of this modification is to allow a player to have an improved experience whilst playing Minecraft.

The shader’s mod attempts to make the game look more aesthetically pleasing by adding more details to things, primarily shadows, such as from clouds or people. Side effects may include animated, transparent water or flowing tree leaves. This mod is purely aesthetic and only affects the client side.

Armor Status / Effect Status
These 2 mods present themselves by providing more things on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) they appear as armor and potion effects on the screen saving the player from looking into their inventory.

Rei's Minimap
Rei’s minimap provides a player with an on screen map in the corner of their choice, as long as this mod doesn’t have entity tracking (Radar) enabled it gives no advantage.

F3 + B
Pressing F3+B in game will show a hit box around players and is available in vanilla Minecraft.

Damage Indicators
Damage Indicators show when a player is taken damage, how much damage they’ve taken as well as providing a portrait showing their health.

Toggle Sprint and Sneak
This is a client-side only mod that allows a player to toggle sneak and sprint. When ToggleSneak is active, the player can press the sneak button to turn sneaking on/off.
With the Toggle Sprint option on, simply holding the forward button makes you sprint.

Disapproved Modifications
Hacked Clients
Hacked clients attract a ban as per the rules on our forums.

AutoClickers etc.
Anything which can give you an unfair advantage or adaprts your hardware / software will result in a hacked client ban.

LabyMod 2.5 and below (LabyMod 2.6 and up is allowed):
The reason why LabyMod is disabled is due to the fact that you can Gapple Hit and Has a mini-map with Radar.

World Downloader
World Downloader is prohibited.

Printer is NOT allowed on factions. It is permitted on every other game-mode.

If you have any further questions please contact a moderator and above.
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