Hey everyone I hope you guys are exited to hear this news
Kingdom reset is finnaly done :D What we have added is Land claiming/Missions/Coins/new Kings

Land claiming,

land claiming is very simple when you do missions (/missions) you can do missions you will recive kingdom coins when you finish 1 you can also collect kingdom coins by doing /vote with those kingdom coins you can buy a chunk, 1 chunk is 10 coins, when the Kingdom is big enoufh you can start land claiming from other kingdoms it will cost you 100 kingdom coins to do that, when the economy is good we will lower the price, you can do /f deposit (money) to give the coins to the kingdom

Donator kits are disabled at the beginning this is to be fair to other players because some of them dont have the donator rank,

Kingdom commands
/f kick
/f ban
/f mod
/f promote
/f demote
/f ownerclaim
/f title
/f deposit

What is kingdom? Basicly it's a gamemode Where you have to build and survival in a team of Warriors, There is a King, what the King says is a order what you have to do you also got SR-duke he will have te lead when the King isn't online, if the SR-Duke is not online the Normal Duke Will then have the lead, when the leaders are not online you have to survival,

Wars There are also wars,
the Kings Will tell when the War Will begin, every day on 15:00 and 19:00 is pvp enabled (Dutch time)

Hi guys,
Glad to see Blaze isn't damanged by anything done in the past couple of days.

I want to officially announce my resignation, and explain all the reasoning and what happened in the last couple of days just for those wondering.

So, I was staff here in BlazeVortex for almost 2 years now, for those who don't know me. I was the Manager for almost 1.5 years and my job would be taking care of the staff members and the connection between staff and the community.
I enjoyed all my time here in BV, even though some times it was tough, but we all made all together.

A few months ago, I announced that I will be leaving because of having to be recruited to the army here in my country. All of the staff members knew that I will be out one day, leaving them with a new manager or Stef (blijgozertje) to shine and bring everything I taught them to the table and be the beasts I've always trained them to be.
Soon after, I became inactive and so blijgozertje offered that he will be the Manager having my backup and helping him adapt to the new role. We soon began to work together and try to establish changes to my system in order for him to be comfortable doing his development work, alongside some management work to keep a good staff team in place.
That was basically it - we were working together and getting to agreements before making any decisions.

Since I am starting to be extremely inactive, blijgozertje was pretty much assigned officialy to be the manager without me - since my army recruitment is in under 2 months now. He chose a different side of staffing, which some staff members disagreed with and thats why most of the staff members resigned.

I want to be clear - I did not resign because I disagree with blijgozertje's decisions. He is the owner of the server and is in charge of the staff team, it is up to him what to do next. I've served my 2 years and now its up for him to do what he thinks best for his server. I resigned because its time for me to go. I have less than 2 months untill I go to the army and I wanted to be more focused for my last finals I have in school right now.

As for the attacks on BlazeVortex, I want to be clear about that as well. I have no connection to anything related to hurting BlazeVortex. I gave 2 years of my life in order to improve it as much as I can, dedicating most of my free time to making the staff team more and more professional to serve you, the players, the best. I intend on staying here in the community as a simple player, just to visit you sometimes and see that everything is awesome just like it was before.

So yeah guys, I hope you keep enjoying BlazeVortex no matter what happens. Just know that everything is being decided on - its for your better experience in this server. See you all in-game or whenever I get to catch y'all.
Dear players of BlazeVortex,

Today there was an incident which took place due to some now ex-members of staff. Please find below a statement from Blijgozertje, the owner of BV.

Thanks for sticking by us.