Ban & Mute Appeals:
By appealing ANY punishment, you automatically agree you have read the following rules, and are liable to punishment if your appeal breaches the following rules.

You may only appeal once.
If you are rejected, you will need to either wait out your ban length or buy an unban from our store.
The only time you may re-appeal would be if you are either given authorisation or for not having enough detail on an Anti-Cheat Ban Appeal. When this happens, you are permitted one extra attempt at an Anti-Cheat ban appeal. This includes if you have been permanently banned and been banned for a while, unless you have new evidence to prove your innocence. Evidence would only include a video of the incident at the time, or images. This does not include a statement of events.

You must tell the truth.
If you fail to tell the truth, your appeal will be denied. If you did break a rule, you should be honest. We look into every appeal carefully looking into our server logs and information to help decide if you should be permitted an extra chance. If you are found out to lie (for example saying you did not hack when you did), then your appeal will be denied and you will have your punishment increased, and your rights to access the forums revoked.

You are only allowed to use the ban appeal format provided.
You must answer all the questions on our ban appeal format page, for both the staff and Anti-Cheat. You must not edit or amend it or you will find your ban appeal being denied. If you forget to add something, you should either use the "edit" function if it is still available or add information below in a new post on the thread.

You may only request your appeal to be looked at after 48 hours has passed from the ban appeal being on the forums.
Asking for your appeal to be looked at by a member of staff makes you look impatient. If you ask for your appeal to be looked into, it will result in an instant dismissal, and you will not be permitted to appeal the ban again. This applies to both Anti-Cheat and regular staff bans. In the even that your appeal has not been looked into within 48 hours, you may start a conversation with a member of staff who will assist you.

You understand you may be subject to a reduced ban or further investigation.
This is only offten an occurrence when you are banned by a staff member, but a staff member may mark an appeal as resolved. This will mean you are partially right with your appeal, and are allowed a reduced ban. This is normally half the time, but it is at the discretion of the staff member dealing with the appeal to decide. You could also be subject to a further investigation. This could be in the form of a screenshare or similar checks. You will be given any information in a "resolved" appeal within the staff members comments.

You can only appeal for your own account.
You are only permitted to appeal your own ban, when you were on the account. If your brother, friend, sister or nan was on their MC account at the time, they will be required to make the appeal. This also applies for ban appeals for evasion. You must have the original account unbanned before requesting the additional accounts to be unbanned.

Do not comment on ban appeals.
You must not comment on ban appeals which doesn't involve you. You should only comment if you were a witness to the incident, in which you think your statement would help the staff member make a decision. If you do comment without reason, you may be subject to a forums warning or suspension of your account. You are permitted to help other users with their appeals by giving them the correct template, but the appeal will still be denied.

Appeals must be in English.
Since all our staff speak English, we only allow ban appeals in English. Although we may be a Dutch server, this allowed for people within our team who do not speak Dutch to deal with appeals. If you do not speak English, you may use google translate or a similar service to help translate your appeal. The level of English used (ie mistakes) will not affect your appeal unless you are lying within it.

Do not add or ask for external opinions.
If you ask for external opinions, which includes (but not limited to): polls, surveys, comments, requesting thumbs up, asking another member of staff to deal with you appeal; then you will be in breach of these regulations. By adding these, not only will your appeal look unprofessional but also show how desperate you are to be unbanned.

Anti-Cheat Ban Appeal:
1) IGN:

2) Screenshot of ban:

3) What were you doing before you were banned:

4) Which gamemode did this take place in:

5) What was the exact date and time you were banned:

Staff Ban Appeal:

2) Screenshot of ban:

3) Why should you be unbanned?:

Mute Appeal:
1) IGN?:

2) Screenshot of mute:

3) Why should you be unmuted?:

Accepted - This means you will be unbanned and this is the end of the matter. You may need to wait for your account to be unbanned.
Resolved - This means that you will be unbanned, pending to a condition. This could involve a screen share before you are unbanned.
Pending - This means that your appeal has been assigned to the right member of staff and is being looked into.
Closed - This means that your appeal is not valid, or you have already been denied with no re-appeal. This could result in your forum account receiving a warning unless you can justify making another ban appeal.
Denied - This means that you will remain banned. You may only re-appeal if you have new evidence to prove you were not guitly of the offense committed. A staff member may also choose to deny your appeal but allow you to re-appeal with more information. This is common for Anti-Cheat ban appeals. This may also occur if you do not use the correct format.

Appeals may take upto 3 days for an outcome to be decided.

Hey all,
(or as blijgozerjte would say... HELLO PEOPLE!)

From the staff team at BV, we are excited to tell you we have gone under a big change.

  • As part of this we have new rules and punishments which can be found here:

These range from removal of rules to a change of punishments to keep things balanced.
In line with this, you may see some changes to our player report punishments and unban format + rules. This will be updated over the coming days.

  • We also have new staff ranks along with the new application system:

These include the all new Senior ranks and admin ranks!

  • YouTube rank has been removed.

We have you enjoy these new changes!
Hello people!

We have decided to make a new exciting and time efficient application system. We hope you like it!

Here's how it'll work:

Every so offten, there will be either a Teamspeak or discord event where players can take part in an interview. The interview will contain a lot of different questions- some from the old format and some new exciting ones and maybe even some group activities (in which we know what we are looking for!) So be prepared to face the unknown...

Helper application Events will normally be held on a weekend and will be announced on the forums the day itself, so make sure you're always active on forums as you never know when one might pop up!

Best of luck to everyone- and keep an eye out!

Thx Benson for fixing my English cause I'm bad