Hello BlazeVortex!
Since we have a lot of changes with our application methods, there is a need for a thread with the official requirements for a Youtuber rank.
So those are the minimum requirements:

-You need to have 500 or more subscribers.
-You need to constantly post videos of our server.
-You need to Include our servers' IP in the description (atleast, you can also put it in the video itself).

Keep in mind that after you're getting a YouTuber rank, you'll be monitored. You have to continue releasing videos of our server after you get the YouTuber rank, because if you don't, your rank will be taken away.

If you want to apply for a YouTube rank, you can do that by making a help desk showing these requirements. You should provide your channel, show us proof you own it, and provide at least 3 videos on our server.

Hope this clears some things,
-Pringe, BlazeVortex's Staff Team's Manager.
This is a list of specific mods that have been evaluated by staff members. The list is classified by those which you are allowed to use on BlazeVortex, as well as those which are forbidden/denied. If the mod you wish to use is in the 'disallowed' list then using this mod will result in punishment on the server.

Allowed Modifications

Optifine is a client that has the main purpose of improving FPS (Frames Per Second) client side. Although Optifine has some flaws, the main objective of this modification is to allow a player to have an improved experience whilst playing Minecraft.

The shader’s mod attempts to make the game look more aesthetically pleasing by adding more details to things, primarily shadows, such as from clouds or people. Side effects may include animated, transparent water or flowing tree leaves. This mod is purely aesthetic and only affects the client side.

Armor Status / Effect Status

These 2 mods present themselves by providing more things on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) they appear as armor and potion effects on the screen saving the player from looking into their inventory.

Rei's Minimap
Rei’s minimap provides a player with an on screen map in the corner of their choice, as long as this mod doesn’t have entity tracking (Radar) enabled it gives no advantage.

F3 + B
Pressing F3+B in game will show a hit box around players and is available in vanilla Minecraft.

Damage Indicators
Damage Indicators show when a player is taken damage, how much damage they’ve taken as well as providing a portrait showing their health.

Toggle Sprint and Sneak
This is a client-side only mod that allows a player to toggle sneak and sprint. When ToggleSneak is active, the player can press the sneak button to turn sneaking on/off.
With the Toggle Sprint option on, simply holding the forward button makes you sprint.

Disapproved Modifications

Hacked Clients (Spider, Glide / Fly Hacks, Killaura, Auto-Crits, and etc.)

LabyMod 2.5 and below (LabyMod 2.6 and up is allowed):

The reason why LabyMod is disabled is due to the fact that you can Gapple Hit and Has a mini-map with Radar.

World Downloader

Printer is now not approved on our server because it gives people a huge advantage of building, especially in factions where people can use it to make god level cannons.

If you find a player with an illegal modification, please report to this section. (Report Hackers)
If you have any questions about a mod please let me know via messages.
You're required to be atleast 14 years old.
A clean history can assist your application.
You're required to have Skype + TeamSpeak 3.
Advertising your application is an automatic deny.
Asking staff members to check your application is an automatic deny.
Copying applications is an automatic deny.
Using other people to create your application is an auto deny.
● Spamming applications will get all your applications denied.
Do not make an application if you just joined the server.
● Short and uninformative applications are most likely to get denied.
● Getting caught lying in your application is an automatic deny.


Keep a mature and professional language
When you make an application you want to look as professional and mature as possible. You need that so the one that is checking the application will think that you are professional and serious enough to handle a lot of responsibility and pressure. Don't use sentences like "how ya doin' m8" because that looks very unprofessional and very immature and it'll be one of the problems in your application. Keep in mind that applying for staff is exactly like a job interview. First impressions last, so you want to keep your first impression as good as possible.

Use correct punctuation and capitalization
A part of a good looking application is punctuation and capitalization. You need to know how to use everything correctly, or well atleast make it look correct. For example: "Hello, my name is Pringe. I'm currently the Staff-Manager of BlazeVortex." instead of "hello my name is pringe, im currently the staff manager of blazevortex". Put a dot at the end of your sentence. Put a capital letter on your name, and at the beginning of the sentence. Use all the symbols that you usually don't, like the ' symbol and the - symbol. Also something else to make the application look even better, use space after a comma, that will look better than no space after it. (Also, don't forget using correct spelling).

Don't be afraid to fail

People usually think that our questions are there to be answered the way we want it to be answered.
The part of the application is to see your ability to think on your own and use your brain. Our scenarios section is a wonderful test for that. We don't deny application for wrong answers. We want to see you think and come down with a decision. Don't be afraid to fail because you don't know what to do in a specific scenario. Think and decide. Trust me, you'll be very satisfied when you know that you thought very well about what you send.

Use your past knowledge and in-game experience
Most of the scenarios are things that we saw happen. If you ever saw someone getting muted, banned, warned or kicked, you should know how it works. You should know how long people are getting muted for for doing a specific move, or what they're getting banned for and how long they're getting banned for. In-game experience is very important and is a very important essential in your application.

Be honest - don't lie
We expect people to provide real information in their application. If you have a specific timezone and you lie about having another timezone, it'll eventually hurt you, not us. If you are 14 and you say you're 18 or 19 just because you want to be taken seriously, thats not necessary. We're respecting everyone in our community equally and you shouldn't worry about those details. You should give your best and provide real and honest opinions in your application.

Do not ask staff members to check your application
Most of the time, people ask staff members to check their application, just to see if its good enough. Well, you shouldn't do that. First of all, asking staff members to check your application will probably get your application denied automatically and it'll just show how impatient you are, which affects the way your application is being treated. Be patient and wait for a response, it'll eventually get back to you.

Work hard
A lot of people think that their application is being judged just as an application. An application is a test that represents a player. We expect to see people that apply work hard both in-game and on the forums. Seeing players moderate the forums, help others and report inappropriate stuff, gives you an advantage. Same goes for in-game. Reporting inappropriate content, hackers and glitches also shows another side of you, the side of a staff member and how he should operate. Don't forget you need to behave well both in-game and on the forums. Also, we have a teamspeak server so you can also help players with questions in there as well.

Provide answers with good information

When you're asked a question, try to give the best answer as you can. Give enough information so we can understand what you mean, not just have a clue. For example, if you're asked something like: "What do you do if someone is hacking?" don't answer with: "Ban him." We expect you to give the punishment, a reason, an explanation and maybe even the duration, if you feel like you can give a reason for the duration you've chosen. We want you to show us the way you operate and the way you think, that way we know we can teach you and make you a decent staff member.

Hope this article helped you guys,
Pringe, BlazeVortex's Staff-Manager.