Hello people!!

This Saturday 12:00 PM (Time in the Netherlands) there will be a Factions reset!

New changes:
- New buildings!
- New generator bucket system
- The bedrock layer in the overworld is now flat
- You can now get a 5x5 shockwave pickaxe
- There will be a maximum amount of 25 faction members
- The overworld worldborder will be 8000x8000 instead of 10k
- Players now have a total of 15 power, not 10
- The vote rewards have been changed
- Economy changes
- The bug when stacked mobs are despawning every minute has been fixed
- The bug when logging out in the end world has been fixed
- Haste enchantments and potions will be removed
- Stacked spawners are now removed due to issues in the previous season.

If you have any feedback ideas on what we can include in this update, reply here!
[Please note that big changes may not be possible due the deadline]

Place your spawners inside faction claims to win the Top Factions prices!
Thanks for the support people!
~Development Team
Hello people!

Congratulations on winning the rewards! Keep on voting ;)

1. Milo with 239 votes!
2. AchenGaming with 223 votes!
3. BaconPlaysMC with 222 votes!

1. Winning 15 EUR in the store!
2. Winning 10 EUR in the store!
3. Winning 5 EUR in the store!

Reply here and I will PM you for the rewards.