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  1. Hello people!!

    KitPvP has been reset.

    New changes:
    - New maps
    - Kit Upgrades
    - Launch sponges
    - Bug fixes

    Hope you enjoy!
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  2. New start from 0 thats amazing
  3. finally i can get leaderboards!
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  4. Hahahahahah
  5. ? you realize im on the leaderboards right lmao
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  6. pm the owner for you're price lmao
  7. Sapp you still abuse vip kit?
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  8. I never used it tf
  9. I only use MVP i think MVp is weaker then VIP
  10. yeah, I saw you with full diamond and a sharp 1 dia sword last time i saw you on lmao
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  11. That was prob once. I know when you use the VIP kit you don't inprove pvp "skills"
  12. omg I swear ig you had acces for the vip kit you will use it to. dude lmao blijgozertje or BensonIsEpic close this please zGohan_ will replying on this
  13. It would be amazing if there was a Donator kit for '''Donators'' only that doesn't costs coins and that we can use in the KitPVP map.
  14. There are donator kits young man
  15. Lol
  16. Thought it was April FoOl
  17. I have 0.21 KDR because I use Terrorist Kit.

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