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  1. Hello people!

    We have decided to reset Prison and advertise it to bring new players into the gamemode.


    - More prestige ranks.
    - Plots instead of cells.
    - Builds changes.
    - PvP mine.
    - Minor changes to the mines and economy.

    We hope you will enjoy these updates!
  2. omg thats nice!
  3. Nice, I would play, but I'm more into Faction now :>
  4. IGN: Hannah_22

    Age: 16 almost 17

    Time zone: mountain standard time

    Have been a builder before: I have no been builder before but I have experience running my own server in the past. So I have experience with commands, plug ins, etc..

    are you active on the server:I am very active, I play every day

    do you work with worldedit: yes

    Do you work with voxelsniper: I’ve never personally worked with it but have seen people work with it and know a few things about it

    Command for change directions: //rotate

    Command for remove your last thing you did: //undo

    Command for a filled circle: //cyl

    Command for a not filled circle: //hcyl

    what is the tool you use to work with worldedit: //wane

    What is the tools you use for voxelsniper: /btool

    Any Creation (Build pictures made by you, will be denied without any):

    Discord (You need to have discord): Hannah22 #8666





  5. Uhm what are you doing?
  6. Making a builder apply in the worng theard
  7. Posted to wrong thread
  8. Posted to wrong thread
  9. Preffered cells Plots just do not fit into Prison :/
  10. The cells was buggy and too small and people complained about all the cells being owned
  11. They did complain about there where not enough cells.
    RapidPinkGlove ,
    Plots are in every prison and they are usefull cells is like real prison but not so usefull☺
  12. CozyLeprechaun94 I know but if there's just a plot world but every plot is a cell that would work perfectly and more like prisons

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