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    Hello unknown builders, known builders...

    If you want to apply, try to use this format!
    (NOTE: We search active and good builder, if you use build proof from someone else or from the internet, you won't get accepted!)

    Good luck and never give up.
    Time zone:
    Have been a builder before:
    are you active on the server:
    do you work with worldedit:
    Do you work with voxelsniper:
    Command for change directions:
    Command for remove your last thing you did:
    Command for a filled circle:
    Command for a not filled circle:
    what is the tool you use to work with worldedit:
    What is the tools you use for voxelsniper:
    Any Creation (Build pictures made by you, will be denied without any):
    Discord (You need to have discord):
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