Top Voters May 2018

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  1. Hello people!

    Congratulations on winning the rewards! Keep on voting ;)

    1. moko153 with 301 votes!
    2. 5z0 with 286 votes!
    3. CuzWhyKnot with 285 votes!
    4. Devuraux with 283 votes!
    5. TheKittyCatGamer with 281 votes!
    6. Dyab_Gwad with 269 votes!

    1. Winning 50 EUR in the store!
    2. Winning 40 EUR in the store!
    3. Winning 30 EUR in the store!
    4. Winning 20 EUR in the store!
    5. Winning 10 EUR in the store!
    6. Winning 5 EUR in the store!

    Reply here and I will PM you for the rewards.
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  2. Well done everyone (and especialy me) who won this month, KEEP ON VOTING tell your friends, your parants your grandparants, your dog, cat elephant to vote this month i am not going *full time* vote but i will still vote! good luck everyone who plans to go full time vote and show up on the leaderboards this month!
  3. I Even Dont Know How I Won.. xD
    Prob My Friends Voted
    And Moko Dont Win The Next Vote Pls xD
    And Buy Me The tag :p
  4. sorry going for someone else :/
  5. GG Moko
  6. :eek:

    m@r:) (Congrats)
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  7. m@r0k@ahy0u tsk
  8. I had my hopes up way too high, oh well 5th place is still nice
  9. 5z0

    accounted for! <3
  10. blijgozertje I still haven't got mine :"(

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