Top Voters June 2018

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    Hello people!

    Congratulations on winning the rewards! Keep on voting ;)

    1. TheKittyCatGamer with 285 votes!
    2. Gulraiz_saeed with 281 votes!
    3. Dyab_Gwad with 279 votes!
    4. Hero_Of_Thyme with 263 votes!
    5. CuzWhyKnot with 259 votes!
    6. ASimulator with 205 votes!

    1. Winning 50 EUR in the store!
    2. Winning 40 EUR in the store!
    3. Winning 30 EUR in the store!
    4. Winning 20 EUR in the store!
    5. Winning 10 EUR in the store!
    6. Winning 5 EUR in the store!

    Reply here and I will PM you for the rewards.
  2. Good job for everyone who won the reward this month you will see me again on the leaderboards so good luck getting more votes than ya boii full time voter moko153 lol
  3. Present
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  4. i dont know what u do with all that money moko u just win win and win lol atleast let us win 10 15 times XD
  5. hey XD congrates
  6. I gave you this month as a moko free just to let someone feel the 50£ but now its mine again!!!
  7. lol hmm is there a way to ban someone from voting i have a name XD
  8. But then bv will have less votes isn't that bad?
  9. there will be effect if a person does not vote becz cuz of him we dont vote becz its useless cuz we cant come first XD
  10. sooo its a profit for Bv if a person does not vote who can vote the most because then othere ppl start voting XD
  11. Good Game Ya'll..
  12. yay 1st place way better than what i got last month in topvoters
  13. Hi, thanks Blij! :D
  14. I know how you vote btw xD
    its a simple trick
  15. GG
  16. Some of the vote sites dont work rip
  17. Better than the lower ranks
  18. :mad: how come i never win? xd
    "0 votes"
  19. Aaa for me its simply I just be awake fifor my fuking night till 2am to voye then at 7am I vote again and between 2to7thats my sleeping time of days all cuz of votes

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