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  1. Hello people!!

    BlazeVortex is now official 3 years old!! BlazeVortex is a big part of my life and becoming bigger and bigger.

    I just wanted to thank everyone that joined my server! We reached a lot in these 3 years. 2017 was a big year for BlazeVortex with a lot of new players coming in the server.

    We reached:
    3 million total players ever joined the server.
    450 players online at one moment.

    My plan for the coming year will be to improve every single game that we have as much as possible and make sure the servers get an upgrade to handle more players. Let's get it to 4 years together!

    Since the latest event went a bit wrong there will be a TNTRun event hosted by me TODAY. Keep an eye on THIS post since it will be updated here when it will happen.

    The EVENT will be tomorrow due a lot of things going on right now.
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. the EVENT may be tomorrow due a lot of things going on right now.
  4. Wow! It has been 3 years that BV has been up. It amazing what stuff can really become. I wish all of you the best of luck on BlazeVortex!
  5. Amazing, am very curious on what's awaiting to come!
  6. Boy I have Only Been With This Server For A Year... I had a great experience on BV ( ehrm anti-cheat isn't really my best friend ) other than that ehrm it was pretty fun playing as it was almost the first server that I got on to when I first got on to BV... I still respect and play BV thanking that it made me decent and gave me a lot of friends!
  7. The event will be done this weekend instead.
  8. Joined when the server was 1 and a half years old, and man, what can I say, the growth so far has been insane.

    I remember when the server was having hard times, the Staff Team was made up of 6 people, and there were 40 daily players max.

    But now that I look back, it is awesome to see how greatly the server has grown.

    Good job blijgozertje and all the Staff Team for your hard work!
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  9. <3
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  10. Thomas the train would like to play but he is a train.
  11. EVENT WILL BE IN 1 HOUR 16:00GMT+1
  12. Happy Birthday! blaze if will come over 1 hour ;D
  13. #1 Wrath
    #2 Mey
    #3 diesocke

    Winners of the event! Please reply to this message.
  14. Congratulations everyone!
  15. gg to everyone who joined, especially Casoloco543.
  16. Do I PM u what I want again?
  17. You don't have to we already did it ingame.
  18. You got a PM.

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